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Go to the website for SHPA's online Group 2 CPD activities.

SHPA membership makes many CPD opportunities available to you - JPPR, CE on Disk, Branch CE lectures and webinars, conferences, seminars, symposiums and much more. You will have access to enough CPD to satisfy the Pharmacy Board of Australia's CPD standard. 

The new CPD year starts 1 October each year and ends 30 September the following year.  Pharmacists need 40 CPD credits each year, of which up to 50% (20 credits) may be Group 1 CPD, to satisfy the Pharmacy Board of Australia's CPD standard.

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Education Reference Group

shpacpd is overseen by the SHPA Education Reference Group, which comprises Councillor Dan Guidone (Chair), Peter Fowler (Supporting Councillor), Dr Chris Alderman, Dr Ian Coombes, Dr Rebekah Moles, Dr Lisa Pont, Cathy Martin, Luke Grzeskowiak.




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  • Complete and current medication lists - new SHPA position statement
  • Complete and current medication lists are central to the safe and optimal use of medicines for individual patients. Medication lists should be maintained, updated and validated by health professionals, particularly pharmacists, whenever a patient's medicines are changed, as part of any medication review and particularly when the patient transitions between episodes of care.
  • Chemotherapy Coumpounding Fee not to be implemented on 1 September 2015
  • SHPA has been advised that the changes to the funding of chemotherapy compounding that were due to come into effect on 1 September 2015 will NOT be implemented.
  • Overwhelming response to MM2015 - 599 abstracts submitted
  • There has been an overwhelming response of 599 abstracts submitted for Medicines Management 2015, the 41st SHPA National Conference.